Musina, South Africa Borderlands. Photo by author.

My current research interest is on inclusive and sustainable societies, spaces, systems and economies centering on themes of health, migration and inequity, particularly in relation to Southern Africa and North America.

I employ multidisciplinary field training and mixed participatory methods including visual, qualitative and quantitative in my work. I have been performing field-work focused on economic, health and social inequality/inequity for the last several years in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mexico and the United States.

Prior to this my work focused on inequality/inequity broadly, but especially in international education systems and other state institutions. Secondarily, during my psychotherapy training, my work focused on psychopathology such as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and emotion and personality dis/regulation especially as centered on (m)Health, digital or “last mile” health.

I have several forthcoming articles and monographs in progress, complete or in revise/re-submit stages, but you can read my book The Field Guide to ADHD here.

Areas of Expertise


Inclusive Health Systems, Economies and Policies, Economic and Social Development in Southern Africa and North America, Medical and Social Anthropology, Disparities / Inequalities, Social Studies of Medicine, Global Affairs


Psychotherapy, Multimodal Anthropology, Development Macroeconomics, Health and the Built Environment, Participatory and Mixed Research Methods, Data Science

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